Fab Spider Ripponden Business Park
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Monday–Friday 9am-5pm

Ripponden Business Park,
Oldham Road Halifax

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Mon to Fri from 8am to 5pm

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It’s a small world…

Only a couple of years ago, all of our customers were local to us. Businesses in West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester seem to like the idea of visiting our offices, putting a face to a voice and seeing an enormous ‘cinema-scope’ version of their website-in-the-making in our purpose-built presentation studio.

They also like drinking our coffee and eating our biscuits.

The thing is we’re touchy-feely and easy to get along with. So, if your business is in Halifax or Huddersfield, Leeds or Bradford, Rochdale or Manchester, Bury or Bolton, drop by – we’re open. And don’t worry if we’re not in your backyard.

The geographic whereabouts of our customers has expanded since our humble beginnings to cover the whole of the UK.  We’re as likely to build a website for a customer in Southampton as we are to supply telephone lines, calls and broadband to one in Edinburgh.

In short, we will help you communicate with your customers wherever you are.

You’ll find everything you need to communicate with us below: phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, maps (compasses on request) and the whereabouts of our front door.

If you’re using a SatNav, put in the post code HX6 4EH, house number 196.  With our offices being very new, the address hasn’t made its way onto SatNav systems yet!